diya Traditionally modern. diya A fascinating flavorful experience. diya Let your senses run wild. diya Indulge at Diya Sunset Harbour.

Welcome to Diya Sunset Harbour

Kitchen, Bar & Lounge

The concept for Diya Sunset Harbour was born after our father Rookman Maharaj, an electrical engineer fondly called Petaji (Hindi for father), was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Our mother, Diya took it upon herself to alleviate his symptoms through food. Using an assortment of traditional Ayurvedic cooking techniques via herbs, spices and nourishing vegetarian ingredients; she was able to aid him in outliving his diagnosis by 26 years and counting.

Word spread fast about Diya’s healing recipes and it wasn’t long before our small Miami Beach kitchen was full of neighbors, friends, and relatives. They came to our house not just for the wholesome food but also for the bright and welcoming atmosphere that helped them forget the struggles of everyday life.

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How to find us

1766 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL

Opening hours

Tues - Sun4pm - 10pm
Daily Happy Hour4pm - 7pm
Last Seating (COVID rules)9pm