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Welcome to Diya Sunset Harbour

Kitchen, Bar & Lounge

Diya Sunset Harbour has softly opened its doors in Miami Beach. A family passion, the vegetarian Indian eatery is family-owned and operated by Diya, her children, Manni, Dharam and Vidya Maharaj along with Dharam’s wife Valerie Slone. Raised in a vegetarian household, The Maharaj family identified a dearth for Indian cuisine that embraced the vegetarian and vegan movement.


Diya is a unique addition to the dining options in the trendy Sunset Harbour neighborhood of Miami Beach. The menu, inspired by Diya and crafted by her daughter, Executive Chef Vidya, features traditionally modern vegetarian Indian cuisine. Diya has always approached cooking for her family as a health-conscious and healing practice using immuneboosting ingredients and an assortment of nutrient-dense spices. These recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Growing up in Miami Beach, the Maharaj home quickly became a neighborhood sanctuary for neighbors, friends and family seeking Diya’s tasteful cooking.  


 “We’ve been vegetarian our entire lives and have witnessed the evolution of vegetarian cuisine in Miami, as well as the limited selection of Indian cuisine,” said Dharam Maharaj. “We wanted to introduce a concept that authentically represented our heritage and offered extensive options for vegetarians and our community – a source for healthy and flavor-forward food.”

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    1766 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL

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    Tues - Sun12p - 11pm Kitchen Closes at 10:30
    Happy Hour Daily4pm - 7pm